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No, YOU'RE Rebecca!!

I need to know I'm not the only twin parent going through this...what I'm suspecting is a ID twin issue, but maybe not.

My girls started off knowing who they were. In other words, answer to their own name and saying their own name. It took them a while to figure out who was who in a picture (e.g. any picture/mirror image was their sister, rather than them - fair enough) but all in all they knew who they were. Then they discovered it was funny to trick people. My mum would ask them to raise their hands to "raise your hand if you're R..." One time someone raised the wrong hand, my mum laughed and so it began...

First it was just when my mum would ask (via skype) and then, actually I didn't notice when it began as such, Rebecca started calling herself Charlotte. I would correct her every time, gently but reminding her. At first I thought it was because R was using her sister's name as the pronoun "I" which is tricky, because its hard to model "I" Now it's gotten worse as Rebecca has taken to calling her sister Rebecca and insisting on it.

It's starting to upset me actually. She will still respond to her own name, but uses her sister's name to refer to herself and her name to refer to her sister.

So twin parents...is this normal? Part of twindom? Part of ID twindom? Or is my 2.5 year old having an identity crisis?
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