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Moving to toddler beds

My 19-mo twins are about ready to move out of their cribs and into beds. (Not that they've spent more than about 12 hours TOTAL in their combined lifetime in said cribs ... but at this point, we can't even use the cribs as a safe playspace anymore because they are climbing so much.)

So, I'm debating toddler beds vs. bunkbeds. I know babies shouldn't sleep on a top bunk until age 6 or so but I wonder if a twin-over-full bunkbed might work. That way I could lay with them in the full sized bed part and get them off to sleep and hopefully relocate myself to my bed with DH at some point. Would they kick each other awake? I'm not sure - they move about in our bed at night quite a bit.

Other options include converting their cribs to toddler beds (not a great option because their cribs are big and space is limited). I also found some very reasonable toddler beds online that we could put in their room side by side - but the downside is, no room for me to lay down with them if needed.

Any other creative solutions I'm missing?

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