Kate the Dreamer (dreamkate1) wrote in parentsoftwins,
Kate the Dreamer

Wearing toddlers

Can we talk transportation fellow twin/multiple mums?

My twinnies are 2 (25 months) and are no longer as keen as they once were on their pram. If we go out all day, or in the AM, we still need it because they still have a nap. Likewise if I need to get things done with them and its just me. If we go out in the afternoon though, and I'm with someone else, we have now been going out more sans pram.

The other day, when we were out without the pram, the girls decided they were done with walking. We were out in the city, without a pram, so we had to carry them. This wasn't fab because well, they are heavy these days.

I've actually considered getting a carrier. Am I crazy? I had a single one when they were younger, which I've since gotten rid of because they were above the weight limit.

Has anyone here tried wrap wearing a toddler, toddlers? Any really knowledgable baby wearing multiple mums out here...if so, I'd love to pick your brains.
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