Mama Megs (peanutties) wrote in parentsoftwins,
Mama Megs

Need a good stroller recommendation for twin toddlers

My twins are almost 18 months old, and in need of an upgraded stroller (also, isn't my icon perfect for this post?! LOL) (except I don't look like that. at all)

I don't bother buckling them in anymore, mainly because they're  too big & squirmy now, so my son, who sits in the back, ends up standing up and almost falling out 1/2 the time. They're almost full time walkers, but I don't think we're ready for the stand and ride stroller yet. We actually have one of those, it's what their infant car seats sat in... but it suuuuuuuucked as a regular stroller.

Anyway, what say ye fellow parents of multiples about this? What works, or did work, great for you? TIA!

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