polychrome_baby (polychrome_baby) wrote in parentsoftwins,

Why didn't they tell me?

Very soon now my 2 year olds will have all of their baby teeth. They only have their top 2 year molars to go, each, and I am ecstastic about this. We have been tag team teething for the past year and a half, and I am so hateful about teeth that if I ever accidentally met a freaking tooth fairy, I'd stab the b*tch. Seriously.

I was not prepared for how bad teething could be, nor was I prepared for the "magic" that twins use to turn teething into the worst possible nightmare. Either they're both teething, or just one of them is. Only for a week or two at a time has either one of them not been teething for the last year plus. I know that they use some sort of evil strategy to make this possible.

So, what were you not prepared for when it came to raising multiples? What has thrown you for a loop that you weren't expecting?
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