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Date:2015-07-03 17:01
Subject:We're going to Twins Days!

We've booked a room and we're definitely going to Twinsburg, OH for the Twins Days Festival in August! Is anyone else on here going? Anyone want to share where they're staying? So many of the hotels are booked out there, we're staying in nearby Macedonia. Not brave enough to travel that far AND camp, LOL.

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Date:2015-05-31 23:20
Subject:New on lj

Havnt done online journal in years. Well anyways Im 27 and have 7 kids 2 are step and are 13yo and 9yo. then 5 of my own. a 5yo boy 4yo boy 2yo girl and my 14 month b/g twins. Feel free to add me Ill add back

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Date:2015-02-24 10:27
Subject:Twins Days

Has anybody gone to the Twins Days festival in Twinsburg, OH (US)? What was it like? How old were your kids when you went? Would you go again?

We've never been, but I was thinking it would be a fun thing to do with my 14 year old identical girls.

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Date:2013-04-02 10:03
Subject:Bedtime routines

I'm not sure anyone is still active in this community but I thought there was no harm in asking anyway.

What is your bedtime routine for your twins?

We haven't bothered with a bedtime routine yet because of work schedules (many times I'll have to pick my husband up from work after the kids should be in bed and I have to bring them but now that it's getting nicer out he'll be cycling so I won't need to drive him), our 4 year olds sleeping needs, the fact that the twins share a crib atm (getting a new one this week because they keep waking each other up).

What's a good bed time for 5 month old twins to get in their crib(s)? 7pm?

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Date:2012-09-03 19:45

When, if ever, do they get out of the stage where they HAVE to play with whatever the other's playing with RIGHT NOW, resulting in multiple screaming matches? My not-quite-2-yr-old twins are knee deep in this stage atm.

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Date:2012-06-23 18:40

Is there a win for this?

Both twins acting out. A caution is given, either do X or you can't go scooting. One twin does it, the other does not, although she's not been an angel today. Going out with just one scooting isn't an option as I'm the only one home. Not allowing one to bring their scooter isn't an option as all holy hell breaks loose, I can't monitor the other on the scooter as I'm dealing with the screaming child. In the end, I had to make it a group punishment and we didn't go scooting. Neither twin complained, but I felt it was unfair.

Is there a win for this? Don't say 'we can't go scooting if'...again certainly comes to mind except that since both were awful earlier and since this was taken from them they've been quite good and seem to have gotten the message.

I hate the weekends.

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Date:2011-11-02 11:22

Hello, Twin Parents!

We will be traveling from Virginia to Texas to see my family for Thanksgiving with our 9 month old boys.

There is a 2 hour drive to the airport, a short flight, a long layover, a longer flight and then the hassle of getting bags, carseats and renting a car once we get there.  I know it will be a long/epic day!

I need travel tips!  We're taking our light weight double umbrella stroller, our mei tais through the airport, and checking our car seats.  I am going to call a rental company to have two rented pack and plays delivered to my parents house before we get there.

How are we going to survive?!

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Date:2011-10-17 15:08
Subject:Transitioning out of naps

My twins are 2 years, 3 months old. For the last couple of months, naptime has been hit or miss with them. They rarely will agree to lay down and sleep in their beds any more, but they will almost always fall asleep if we take them in the car.

Gas prices being what they are, a daily drive just isn't in the cards. Plus, we can't get them out of their carseats without waking them up, and sleeping in their seats just doesn't look all that comfortable.

So, we are instead dealing with their terrible, horrible, awful grumpiness, which increases exponentially between the hours of 1:30 PM and 5:30 PM, around which time they get a second wind and are tolerable until bedtime.

I am not sure if we are missing something. My two older kids (singletons) napped until well after the age of 3. I think a large part of the issue here is that the twins sleep in the same room, and we don't have any way to get them to sleep aside from being in there with them (since they will keep each other awake otherwise).

I am very open to suggestions as to how to improve this, aside from going for a drive every day. :)

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Date:2011-08-13 17:25
Subject:No, YOU'RE Rebecca!!
Mood: worried

I need to know I'm not the only twin parent going through this...what I'm suspecting is a ID twin issue, but maybe not.

My girls started off knowing who they were. In other words, answer to their own name and saying their own name. It took them a while to figure out who was who in a picture (e.g. any picture/mirror image was their sister, rather than them - fair enough) but all in all they knew who they were. Then they discovered it was funny to trick people. My mum would ask them to raise their hands to "raise your hand if you're R..." One time someone raised the wrong hand, my mum laughed and so it began...

First it was just when my mum would ask (via skype) and then, actually I didn't notice when it began as such, Rebecca started calling herself Charlotte. I would correct her every time, gently but reminding her. At first I thought it was because R was using her sister's name as the pronoun "I" which is tricky, because its hard to model "I" Now it's gotten worse as Rebecca has taken to calling her sister Rebecca and insisting on it.

It's starting to upset me actually. She will still respond to her own name, but uses her sister's name to refer to herself and her name to refer to her sister.

So twin parents...is this normal? Part of twindom? Part of ID twindom? Or is my 2.5 year old having an identity crisis?

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Date:2011-07-24 20:36
Subject:One early riser, one sleepyhead: thoughts?

Reaching out for any thoughts on how you've dealt with a similar circumstance... 

My fraternal twin boys are 22 months. Both of them are generally healthy (no special needs, no disabilities; both intelligent, playful little guys). They sleep in the same room, both still in cribs. We keep a fan running at low level during sleep times for the white noise, it's fairly quiet in their part of the house, and the windows are pretty well dimmed with blackout curtains although some light does get through.  Both go down pretty contentedly for a nap around 11:30am, and to bed around 7:30pm.

The challenge is in how long they sleep. A is on a much shorter sleep schedule than B. He wakes up from his nap, on average, at about 1pm (about a 1.5-hour nap), and wakes up crying at least once a night, either at about 12:30am or about 4:50-5:15. At 12:30, the only way I've found to get him back down is to rock him back to sleep. At 4:50-5:15, there is no going back to sleep and if left alone, he cries and screams until his brother wakes up. Our current MO is to get him out of his crib before he wakes his brother and lie down on the couch with him until a more reasonable hour, like 6; he'll either nap on one of us on the couch or lie there pretty contentedly for a while being cuddled, but it doesn't do much for our ability to sleep. Currently he has a runny nose and intermittent cough, which are not helping matters; we have amped up the humidifier and elevated the head of his crib.

B sleeps a lot more. He naps either until woken by his brother at 1:15pm or until 2:30 (if I sneak in, get A out of the crib, and take A away); if he sleeps less than 2 hours he's pretty cranky upon waking. He sleeps through his brother waking up mid-night. In the mornings if not awakened he'll sleep until 6:30 or 6:45am, sometimes 7, but he has been known to get up with his brother at 5:15 and be nice and cranky around 10:30 because he woke up too early.

How can I help A sleep longer? Up until now I've been a devoted Weissbluth follower, but CIO is less effective when A can credibly threaten to wake B at 5am and I know that, if allowed, B will sleep longer and be happier. All thoughts are welcome!

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Date:2011-05-16 10:18
Subject:twin nursing pillows

hi there, I am having twins very soon and would like to get a good twins nursing pillow.

Any reviews, insights, or warnings about various pillows?

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Date:2011-05-11 16:16
Subject:DNA testing

Followup to this post, in case anyone was curious...I got the testing kit a couple weeks ago from http://www.dnasolutions.com/; if you haven't done this, it's super simple, you get swabs (really more like tiny brushes) you rub on the inside of each twin's cheek, label the envelopes, and send it back. The results take about a week, and you can opt to get them via email, which I did, since that's so much quicker. My guys are just different enough that I really thought they were fraternal, but it turns out they're identical!

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Date:2011-03-26 16:31

Okay seriously just had the biggest twin toddler brawl. There was slapping, biting, punching and hitting...

What was the massive issue...

Both girls wanted both the wooden spoons I had given them to "help" me make dinner. Sometimes its hard being a twin. Even when we have two of something, you never get to have it all.

But seriously, my kids fight dirty. Heaven help me.

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Date:2011-02-24 14:39
Subject:Moving to toddler beds

My 19-mo twins are about ready to move out of their cribs and into beds. (Not that they've spent more than about 12 hours TOTAL in their combined lifetime in said cribs ... but at this point, we can't even use the cribs as a safe playspace anymore because they are climbing so much.)

So, I'm debating toddler beds vs. bunkbeds. I know babies shouldn't sleep on a top bunk until age 6 or so but I wonder if a twin-over-full bunkbed might work. That way I could lay with them in the full sized bed part and get them off to sleep and hopefully relocate myself to my bed with DH at some point. Would they kick each other awake? I'm not sure - they move about in our bed at night quite a bit.

Other options include converting their cribs to toddler beds (not a great option because their cribs are big and space is limited). I also found some very reasonable toddler beds online that we could put in their room side by side - but the downside is, no room for me to lay down with them if needed.

Any other creative solutions I'm missing?


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Date:2011-02-20 10:09
Subject:Wearing toddlers

Can we talk transportation fellow twin/multiple mums?

My twinnies are 2 (25 months) and are no longer as keen as they once were on their pram. If we go out all day, or in the AM, we still need it because they still have a nap. Likewise if I need to get things done with them and its just me. If we go out in the afternoon though, and I'm with someone else, we have now been going out more sans pram.

The other day, when we were out without the pram, the girls decided they were done with walking. We were out in the city, without a pram, so we had to carry them. This wasn't fab because well, they are heavy these days.

I've actually considered getting a carrier. Am I crazy? I had a single one when they were younger, which I've since gotten rid of because they were above the weight limit.

Has anyone here tried wrap wearing a toddler, toddlers? Any really knowledgable baby wearing multiple mums out here...if so, I'd love to pick your brains.

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Date:2011-01-27 08:33
Subject:Separate classes

Since this came up recently, I have a question for you all about separating your twins in school:

Lots of what I've read suggests it's best to put twins in separate classes in order to, well, help them develop as individuals, I guess. But where I live the schools are very small and there's generally only one class for each grade, so if I'd really want to split them up that'd mean two different schools, and the only real options aren't all that close to each other. My kids are still far from school age but I figured I might as well ask what other parents here do. Oh, and for what it's worth, they're fraternal girls.

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Date:2011-01-26 16:36
Subject:Need a good stroller recommendation for twin toddlers

My twins are almost 18 months old, and in need of an upgraded stroller (also, isn't my icon perfect for this post?! LOL) (except I don't look like that. at all)

I don't bother buckling them in anymore, mainly because they're  too big & squirmy now, so my son, who sits in the back, ends up standing up and almost falling out 1/2 the time. They're almost full time walkers, but I don't think we're ready for the stand and ride stroller yet. We actually have one of those, it's what their infant car seats sat in... but it suuuuuuuucked as a regular stroller.

Anyway, what say ye fellow parents of multiples about this? What works, or did work, great for you? TIA!


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Date:2011-01-24 16:45
Subject:Why didn't they tell me?

Very soon now my 2 year olds will have all of their baby teeth. They only have their top 2 year molars to go, each, and I am ecstastic about this. We have been tag team teething for the past year and a half, and I am so hateful about teeth that if I ever accidentally met a freaking tooth fairy, I'd stab the b*tch. Seriously.

I was not prepared for how bad teething could be, nor was I prepared for the "magic" that twins use to turn teething into the worst possible nightmare. Either they're both teething, or just one of them is. Only for a week or two at a time has either one of them not been teething for the last year plus. I know that they use some sort of evil strategy to make this possible.

So, what were you not prepared for when it came to raising multiples? What has thrown you for a loop that you weren't expecting?

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Date:2011-01-17 15:47

My two boys Ewan and Rhys are 9 months and have always had different sleep patterns. I think Ewan (eldest by 20 minutes) is trying to change his nap routine. Both the boys normally nap around 9-10ish am depending on when they woke up. Rhys will go for about 40-60mins whereas Ewan can go for like 1-2hours.  Then they'll have a nap around 1ish again for the same amounts they had in the morning and then they go to bed for 6pm. They then stay in bed till 6am the next morning with about 2-3 wake ups each a night.

The last couple of days though I think Ewan has decided he now just wants one 3 hour nap a day and skip the afternoon nap. He's in a terrible mood by 5pm and all he wants me to do is hold him and with another 9 month old and a 3 year old and dinner to cook it's not possible.

Should I try waking him during his nap in the morning so that he will go for a nap in the afternoon or just grin and bear it while he settles in? I'm leaning more towards the 1 nap a day because I don't like to wake them. Also they have to get to that point some time, but what worries me is, is it too early for him. I can't remember when Morgan (My 3 year old) changed to just one nap. I have a feeling it was probably around this age, but I really don't remember.

Any help from you guys would be great. When did your two change from 2 naps to 1? 


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Date:2011-01-03 22:22
Subject:Disciplining Aggressive Behavior?
Mood: worried

Hi All. My b/g twins are 16 mo. now., and I've struggled with one or the other's aggressive tendencies, for about 5 months-ish... and I'm not quite sure how to deal with it. I used to be glued to whichever & any/all books I could find on the subject of toddler discipline. seriously, I've got no less than three collecting dust right now... but honestly, I've found none of them effective when dealing with two pre toddlers at the same time. and, also.... somewhere around the time our NICU follow up dr's started bringing social workers into the equation, because our 5 month olds weren't eating cheerio's yet, and telling us what bad parents we were in general, for no other reason than they were about 2 months behind developmentally, is right around the time when I stopped obsessing about their developmental progress, and just let them develop how they were going to develop. basically, we're not worried that they are just now walking and still taking bottles, regardless if those assholes are.

My boy has always been considerably larger than my daughter... and he's never been privvy to the concept of sharing. So it started out with his brute force against her unfinished bottle, snack or toy that he wanted. Now it seems the tables have turned, and at some point her frustration turned into SMACKING THE HOLY LIVING CRAP OUT OF HIM, when he would take something from her, and eventually because of whatever would frustrate her in general. Given that she's exposed to exactly no other toddlers than her and her brother, we are a tad confounded on this "learned" behavior. More recently, her hitting has morphed into fully body tackles... as her petite smacking was never any match against him in the 1st place...  and (I swear to god) usually just makes him laugh. Even now her "full body tackles" resemble more like "forceful hugs" that typically won't even budge him from his spot.  you know what is actually kind of cute though.... I always tell her to "give brother a kiss" after she does that... and he will get this very serious look on his face and lean in to give HER a kiss, which always just pisses her off like bigtime more. I mean, that should'nt be funny, I know... but we can't help it that it is.

The usual result is her taking it out on whatever/whomever is in her general proximity. I mean to tell you, the girl has a freaking temper, ok?!

At this point, I'm more worried that she's going to hurt herself, than him. I'm also worried that he's going to start adopting her abusive behavior... even though, and thankfully, he hasn't yet. Frankly, I'm worried about him being as abusive to her as she is to him, given that he runs about 5lbs heavier than her on any given day, and easily overpowers her  :\

How did you guys deal with this "phase" ? We don't hit/spank them,  and don't really want to, on principal and lack of effectiveness in general.... yanno? Putting them into their crib for time out, well... hasn't worked AT ALL. Is this something I just get to look forward to for the next 4 years????

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